Variable In Line Attenuator

Variable In Line Attenuator

Product ID: Variable In Line Attenuator


Variable in-line Optical Attenuators (Adjustable in-line optical attenuator) are used to permit dynamic control of optical power levels in a fiber. It can be applied to adjust power level of signal in the optical communication at the output of light sources, E/O converters and for the linear or dynamic range of power meter. Furthermore, they can the used in optical amplifier systems to balance the gain across the different operating wavelengths. By using simple adjustment controls, the attenuation can be easily modified to any level required by your specific project.

Variable in-line attenuator comprises a dual fiber collimator and a reflection component separated by a linear moveable ND filter. The collimator includes a ferrule with dual fibers therein, and a GRIN lens spaced from the ferrule with a distance in compliance with the distance between the reflection component and the GRIN lens.

Our high-performance variable in line optical attenuator is an essential component where optical signal levels need to be adjusted over a wide range of powers. Up to 60 dB variable attenuation rating. Cable is terminated with ST, FC, SC, LC, SC/APC, FC/APC, or LC/APC optical connector and available in the lengths up to 50 meters.

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