Variable Adapter Attenuator

Variable Adapter Attenuator

Product ID: Variable Adapter Attenuator


Variable Adapter Type Optical Attenuator ( Variable Bulkhead type, Variable Female-Female Optical Attenuator) utilizes the air gap between the two connectors to realize optical attenuation. It has a structure similar to an Fiber adapter. However, the air gap can be continuously adjusted and fixed manually. Variable adapter type attenuator induces a variable optical attenuation from 0.5dB to 30dB. This component can be used in applications where optical attenuation needs to be frequently adjusted.

The Variable adapter type attenuator has included tool provides ability to increase attenuation level to desired dB. Their attenuation range is 0dB to 20dB depending on light source.

LFO provides a wide range of single mode and multimode variable adapter type optical attenuator. They have low return loss and works at both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelength range. FC Fiber connector types with PC or APC polish are available.

Besides Variable Adapter type Optical Attenuator, we also offer other Variable type optical attenuator (Variable Plug-in optical attenuatorVariable In-line optical Attenuator, Manual VOA Fiber optical Attenuator)  and Fixed type optical attenuator (Fixed Plug optical Attenuator, Fixed Adapter type optical AttenuatorFixed In-line optical Attenuator, Fixed Hybrid Adapter optical Attenuator) for your different application.