LD-PD Fiber Pigtail

LD-PD Fiber Pigtail

Product ID: LD-PD Fiber Pigtail


LD-PD Fiber Pigtails (Fiber Pigtail or Pigtail Fiber) are required for the manufacturing of Coaxial Modules, Butterfly Modules and Optical Functional Modules. One end of the Fiber Pigtail is terminated with an angled polished SUS Metal Ferrule. The SUS Metal Ferrules are assembled by press fitting our Ceramic (zirconia) capillaries into precision metal housings and flanges. SC and LC Connectors are then terminated on the other open end of the Fiber Pigtail.

Being made of 303 or 304 SUS steel, our LD-PD Fiber Pigtail automatically processed under high precise control by CNC machines imported from Switzerland and Japan. The ceramic ferrule matched with stainless steel base is also produced through precise processing technique.

LFO's LD-PD fiber pigtail is finally processed with our production flow for fiber patch cord and performance requirement of optical device. Our LD-PD module fiber Pigtail can provide optimized the optical alignment of the device for your laser welding. We can support its customer form initiation of product design to mass production of integrated components, which further contribute to cost reduction. 

Our fiber stub features good reflection loss and PC or APC end face thus low insertion loss;Our receptacle has good wiggle test performance and stable quality, the SUS304 metallic part is for easy welding; Our metal ferrule housings with various Stainless Steel (SUS) Materials such as SUS303, SUS304 can be offered with custom configurations and designs.


Besides LD-PD Fiber Pigtail, we also offer Fiber Stub and Receptacle for Optical Subassembly (OSA) and Metal Ferrule for LD-PD Fiber Pigtail.


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