Fiber Patch Cord Assembly

Fiber Patch Cord Assembly

Product ID: Fiber Patch Cord Assembly


Fiber Patch cord assemblies consist of optical fiber terminated with various types of Fiber Connectors, such as the ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 Connector types. Our polishing process can ensure certain optical properties with a low insertion loss and return loss.

LFO provide eight types of Fiber Patch cord assemblies.
Fiber Patch Cord, Buddle Fan out Patch cord, MPO Fiber Patch cord, Loopback Fiber Patch cord, Mode Conditioning Cable, 10G Fiber patch cord, Armored fiber patch cord, Waterproof fiber pigtail.

We supply high quality fiber optic pigtails, patch cords and pre-assembled installation cable (indoor / outdoor / breakout cable) for singlemode and multimode applications (SM and MM). This find optical connectors, and fiber / cable from the leading manufacturers of their application. The offer includes a wide variety of connector types, cable types and cable lengths
All of our Fiber Patch cord assemblies are composed of our top quality Ceramic Ferrules 
and Fiber Connector 
ensuring a stable performance at a high quality level.
Besides Fiber Patch Cord, we also offer LD-PD Fiber Pigtail for Optical Transceiver and Fiber Pigtail for Fiber Collimator, Optical Isolator, Optical Switch, Fiber Circulator, and WDM module assembly.