Fiber Optic Attenuator

Fiber Optic Attenuator

Product ID: Fiber Optic Attenuator


Fiber Optic attenuator is used to reduce the optical power level of a communication signal, in an optical fiber used in a fiber optic communication link. They use different principles of functioning like gap-loss, absorptive or reflective techniques. Three basic types of Fiber optical attenuators are step wise variable, continuously variable and fixed.

Fixed Value Fiber Optic Attenuators

Fixed value fiber optic attenuators have fixed values that are specified in decibels. Their applications include telecommunication networks, optical fiber test facility, LAN and CATV systems. Fixed value fiber optic attenuators are composed of four groups: Fixed-Plug in type, Fixed Adapter Type, Fixed In-line type, and Fixed Hybrid Adapter type.

Fixed Plug in-Fiber Optic Attenuator (Fixed Build-out type)has a male end and a female end.
Fixed Adapter Type Fiber Optic Attenuator  (Fixed bulkhead type) has a female end and a female end.
Fixed In-line Fiber Optic Attenuator has a fiber cable terminated with two connectors which you can specify types.
Fixed Hybrid Adapter Fiber Optic Attenuator has a female end and a female end with different kind.

Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators

Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators come with many different designs. They are general used for testing and measurement, but they also have a wide usage in EDFA for equalizing the light power among different channels. Variable Fiber optic attenuators are composed of three groups: Variable plug-in type, Variable adapter type, Variable In-line type and Manual VOA type.

Variable Plug-in Fiber Optic Attenuator (Variable Build-out Type)has a male end and a female end.
Variable Adapter Type fiber Optic Attenuator (Variable bulkhead type) has a  female end and a female end.

Variable In-line Fiber Optic Attenuator and Manual VOA Fiber Optic Attenuator are with more accurate attenuation compared with traditional connector type fiber optic attenuators, this fiber optic attenuator is with a precision screw set, by turning it, the attenuation range can be varied and this fiber attenuator can be with various terminations on the each side of the cable.  

We provide wide variations of high quality Fixed Plug-in, Fixed Adapter, Fixed In-line, Variable Plug-in, Variable Adapter, Variable In-line and Manual VOA fiber attenuator.

Besides Fixed and Variable Optical Attenuator, we also offer Plug type Optical Terminator for your different application.