Fiber Adapter

Fiber Adapter

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Fiber Adapters (Mating Sleeve Fiber Adapter or Standard Fiber Adapter or Bulkhead Type Fiber Adapter) are used to link the fiber cables or device. Usually they are female to female type but there is also female to male type available. Typical good quality fiber adapters are with ceramic sleeves for Single mode. Sometimes people also use phosphor bronze sleeve for multimode.

Our fiber adaptors comprised of a polymer/metal outer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism. The combination of a ceramic / phosphor bronze alignment sleeve and precision moulded polymer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance.

We provide a variety of fiber adapter in Simplex and duplex with
ceramic or phosphor bronze sleeves, including ST, FC (square type, solid type, rectangular type, D-shaped type, And oval type), SC, LC, MTRJ, E2000, MPO and MPT fiber adapter. Their materials meet the RoHS compliance and EIA/TIA standard. 


Besides Fiber Adapter (Bulkhead Type Fiber Adapter), we also offer Hybrid Fiber Adapters  (Converting Fiber adapter) and Bare Fiber adapters for your different applications.  

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ST Fiber Adapter


ST Fiber Adapters

ST Fiber Adapter is to provide ST Patch cord to ST patch cord Fiber connecting. ST fiber adaptors are all threaded type, with metal housing, single mode ones are with ceramic sleeve and multimode ones are with bronze sleeve. ST fiber adapters are simplex adapters.

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 FC fiber adapter

FC Fiber Adapters
FC Fiber Adapter is to provide FC Patchcord to FC patchcord Fiber connecting. There are three kinds of FC fiber optic adaptors, square type, single D type and double D type, all FC fiber adaptors are with metal housing, single mode FC Fiber adapters are with ceramic sleeves, multi mode FC fiber adaptors are with bronze sleeves. All FC fiber optic adapters are simplex.

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SC fiber adapter, Simplex, Duplex Fiber adapter


SC Fiber Adapters
SC Fiber Adapter is to provide SC Patchcord to  SC patchcord Fiber connecting. SC fiber adaptors are all with plastic housing, there are different colors: blue for single mode PC, green for single mode APC and beige for multimode PC. All SC fiber adaptors are flange type, single mode adaptors are with ceramic sleeve while multimode fiber adaptors are with bronze sleeve. SC fiber adapters are available with both simplex adapters and duplex adapters.

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 FDDI fiber adapter

FDDI Fiber Adapters
FDDI Fiber Adapter is to provide FDDI Patchcord to FDDI patchcord Fiber connecting. FDDI fiber adaptors are all with plastic housing, Integrated indexed sliding keyway accommodates all key position and eliminates need to remove and insert individual keys. They are available in duplex only and are offered in multimode performances. 

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 LC fiber adapter, Smplex, Duplex LC Fiber Adapter



LC Fiber Adapters

LC Fiber Adapter is to provide LC Patchcord to LC patchcord Fiber connecting. LC fiber adaptors are all plastic housing; there are simplex LC adaptors and duplex LC adaptors, usually duplex LC fiber adaptors are with SC footprint. The LC fiber adapters colors are same as SC fiber adapters: blue for single mode PC, beige for multi mode PC and green for single mode APC. LC fiber optic adapters are with bronze sleeve for multimode and ceramic sleeve for single mode.


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MU fiber adapter,Smplex, Duplex MU Fiber Adapter

MU Fiber Adapters
MU Fiber Adapter is to provide MU Patchcord to MU patchcord Fiber connecting. MU fiber adapter are at least half the size of the standard SC adapter. They offer twice the port density, a new solution for high performance telecommunications networking. The MU fiber adapters are offered in singlemode or multimode performances.

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MTRJ fiber adapter


MTRJ Fiber Adapters

MTRJ Fiber Adapter is to provide MTRJ Patchcord to MTRJ patchcord Fiber connecting. MTRJ fiber adapters mate with one male (with guide pins) and one female (without guide pins) MT-RJ connector. They are polymer housing and black color, There are two types available, one is flange type; another is SC footprint type. MTRJ fiber adapter  are offered in MM performances. At half the size of comparable duplex SC adapters, the MT-RJ adapters double the capacity of existing networking infrastructures.

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MPO fiber adapter


MPO Fiber Adapters

MPO Fiber Adapter is to provide MPO Patchcord to MPO patchcord Fiber connecting. MPO fiber optic adaptors are flange type adaptors with plastic housing, both single mode and multimode ones available. They are is used in high-density backplane and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications in data and telecommunications systems. They offer up to 12 times the density of standard connectors. The MPO adapters provide significant space and cost savings..

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E2000 fiber adapter


E2000 Fiber Adapters

The E2000 Fiber Adapter is to provide E2000 Patchcord to E2000 patchcord Fiber connecting. Typical E2000 fiber optic adaptors are available by single mode PC and single mode APC, they are simplex fiber optic adaptors, SC patch panel mount type. E2000(LSH) integrated protective cap protects ferrule from dust and rules out any laser light emissions. E2000 adapter is excellent for high packing density. 

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