Bare Fiber Adapter

Bare Fiber Adapter

Product ID: Bare Fiber Adapter


Bare fiber adapters are used as the medium to link the bare optical fiber to fiber optic
equipment. They have the bare  fiber inside on one side; the other side of the Adapter
is a fiber connector that can plug into the equipment.

Bare fiber adapters provide a simple and effective way to use un-terminated fibers with
commercial Receptacles. Simply strip and cleave your fiber and insert in to the Bare Fiber
Adapter. Broken fibers are easily removed with piano wire, allowing hundreds of insertions.
They are recommended for power meter hook-ups, temporary system repairs or wherever a
quick fiber connection is required.

We supply SC, FC and ST bare fiber adapters with stable qualities that use high quality
Ceramic Ferrules and precise Fiber connector housing parts
, they are used to quickly
and easily terminate the fiber to the equipment

Besides Bare fiber adapter, we also offer Fiber Adapters  and  Hybrid Fiber Adapters for
different applications.

Download Bare Fiber Adapter PDF Download Bare Fiber Adapter PDF