10G Fiber Patch Cord

10G Fiber Patch Cord

Product ID: 10G Fiber Patch Cord


10G fiber patch cords (OM3 10G Fiber patch cord) provide 10 gigabit data transfer speeds in high bandwidth applications 5 times faster than standard 50um fiber cable. It works with both VCSEL laser and LED sources. With the development of multimedia, there is requirement for more and more broad bandwidth for audio and video applications. Nowadays many people need multimode fiber patch cord that can transmit 10G. 10G fiber patch cords are designed to meet this requirement.

10 GBE is a logical extension of previous Ethernet versions and was designed to make the transition from LANs to Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). It offers a cost-effective migration for high-performance and long haul transmissions up to 40 kilometers. Its most common application now is as a backbone for high speed LANs, sever farms and campuses. It also enables you to connect geographically separated LANs to new MAN and WANs via dark fiber, dark wavelengths, or SONET/SDH networks.

We provide OM3, Laser speed duplex Multimode 50/125um AQUA 10G Fiber patch cords. They are designed to run advanced application to meet the IEEE 802.3 specification. Our 10G fiber patch cords are 100% optically tested for maximum performance. We have all lengths and Fiber connectors available.

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